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Learn to make your own living, plant-based cuisine!

Whether you're new to living foods, or have been eating this way for sometime and looking for some new inspiration, we have created these classes to enhance your ability to create great raw foods.

Class fees include instruction, samples and recipes packet (and always surprise, extra bonuses!).

New classes will be posted shortly! Come back soon.
Thank you!

We designed our classes to help you build your confidence in making living cuisine. If there is something you would like to learn to do, please let me know! We welcome your feedback!

REGISTRATION POLICY: In order to properly prepare for your participation, we ask that you register for the class at least 2 days before the class.
REFUND AND TRANSFER POLICY: If you find you cannot attend a class for which you have registered, please note the following:

  • Up to 2 days before the first day of class (that is, by Thursday morning at 9:30 am before the class): Full refund, minus a 15% non-refundable administration fee. You may transfer your tuition to another class one time with no administration fee.
  • Less than 2 days before the first day of class (that is, after 9:30 am Thursday morning before the class): No refunds. You may, however, send someone else in your place.

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    Disclaimer: Raw foods have different effects on different people. Be sure to do plenty of research before embarking on a raw food cleanse or diet, listen to your own body when trying out any new foods, and consult with a qualified health professional if you have any questions.

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    Here's what people say about the classes:

    "Patti is a terrific teacher, personable, full of great
    information -- delightful.
    And the food is absolutely delicious; gives 'raw food'
    a good name."
    Judith M.

    "Patti does a great job of making the tools of a raw
    foodist chef easy to understand and incorporate. She is enthusiastic about the
    tastes and textures of raw food and the creativity that can be unleashed
    in preparing them. She is passionate about the benefits of raw food
    and shares experiences of transforming from
    omnivore to vegan/raw lifestyle in a humorous engaging way."
    Teresa M.

    "Patti offers great classes in the South Bay for those avoiding or intolerant of gluten/dairy and want to incorporate more raw foods in their lifestyle."
    Lisa K.

    "Patti's raw food class was a great experience! As a relative 'novice' to raw food dining, (other than salads and baggies of vegetables), I found the class to be helpful, practical, and healthful! I will try some new recipes tomorrow.
    Thanks, Patti!" Lindsay S. ***********************